Tom Overman

PhD student at Northwestern University in the Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics.

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Graduated from University of Texas at Arlington in May 2020. Earned a Bacherlor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

My research up to this point has been focused in applied mathematics. I have explored novel numerical techniques for effcient medical image reconstruction in certain geometric settings. I have also worked on a project in parallel-in-time PDE-constrained optimization using multigrid methods with researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I hope to continue work in developing efficient computational techniques for solving important engineering problems and gleaning information about our natural world through simulation and clever ways of handling mountains of data.

I have also worked as a freelance and part-time software developer, web developer, and IT consultant since early in High School. I continue to work on contracted jobs that I find interesting and part-time, remote work for Planet Access, an IT consulting company in North Texas. I am comfortable with a variety of programming languages and technologies including Python, Matlab, C, HTML/CSS, Javascript. I have also worked on many projects written in PHP, Java, and Ruby but do not claim proficiency in those languages.

Note: My website is so bare because I've found modern web design to be rather clunky at quickly displaying information. This page is extremely lightweight and loads immediately. I've designed and developed many "pretty" sites over the years but don't like when informational web pages take more than a second to load.