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Whether I’m developing websites, solving physics problem sets, gazing through my microscope, or running through the woods, I like to jump right in to new experiences and constantly work at bettering myself. I am an IT consultant, software developer, and web developer at Planet Access. I also work on many technical freelancing projects on the side. As a Dallas-Fort Worth freelance web developer, I am always looking for new projects. I attend the University of Texas at Arlington with a major in Biomedical Engineering. In addition to my work and schooling, I try to find the time to tutor peers, keep a blog, and run distance races. Thanks for visiting!

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Traveling Across the Entire Rocky Mountain Range – Travel Guide

From its beginnings in New Mexico, to the beautiful Canadian Rockies, we spent fifteen days traveling, camping, and exploring across the Rocky mountains. I will cover all of the days spent, the locations we stopped at, the trails we trekked, and the other details of this great trip.

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