Hi, I’m Tom Overman

I am a senior undergraduate student at UT Arlington studying mathematics and biomedical engineering. I am beginning my PhD in Applied Mathematics in the Fall of 2020 at Northwestern University.

Since high school I have developed software solutions for local businesses and organizations. Most of my work is in developing web applications, but I have worked on various hardware IT solutions, server backup systems, and large-scale web servers. I have worked at Planet Access, a local IT consulting company since June 2017. If you need help with the technological side of your dream project, contact me!


Current Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in research in applied and computational mathematics. I enjoy both theory and application of mathematical methods for problems in biology, physics, and engineering.

Mathematics of Medical Imaging and Inverse Problems
I am currently investigating algorithms for PET-MRI image reconstruction in a spherical detection system. This includes work in understanding the theory of 3D ray transforms and back projection. I am mainly interested in developing smart numerical techniques to reconstruct these images as well as quickly generate large amounts of sample data. This work is currently being explored with Dr. Gaik Ambartsoumian at UT Arlington. A very simple example in 2D Computerized Tomography is shown in the images below. The sinogram represents data from the CT machine and the third image is the reconstructed phantom image using clever mathematical techniques.
True phantom image
Sinogram of phantom
Reconstructed Imaging using Filtered Back Projection
PDE-Constrained Optimization
Optimization problems are characterized by the desire to minimize or maximize some function with certain underlying constraints. I am interested in optimization problems that are constrained by partial differential equations. We have had success in developing parallel-in-time PDE-constrained optimization solvers using multigrid methods. We were able to generalize these methods for nonlinear PDEs. A publication of these results is in progress.

Work and Programming Interests

I have worked as a web developer and IT consultant for several years. In addition, I have freelanced as a software developer for over 5 years. I am always looking to work on fun and exciting projects, contact me if you would to team up on a new project. Listed below are some of the projects I have worked on over the years:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Project management systems
  • Patient management systems for healthcare professionals
  • Personal websites
  • Many more…

Current Projects

Here are some of the outside projects I am working on outside of academic research and contracted work projects.

NRGMile: Energy Mile Solver

An accurate and customizable code for determine the difficulty and energy mile rating of a given route for application in backpacking, running, and other distance sports. https://github.com/tomoverman/NRGmile

Contact me

I’m always busy with research and projects, but if you have ideas for a cool projects, let’s work out the details together! I’m always excited to take on new projects.

Email: tom.overman@mavs.uta.edu